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Do you feel trapped by self-doubt and limiting beliefs? Its time to "STOP IT NOW"

My new book offers a path to freedom.

Discover the powerful tools within these pages to identify personal triggers, shift your inner dialogue, and create a compelling vision for your future. Start your journey to a more fulfilled life today.


to your new beginning

I'm so delighted you're here. My name is Shiela Little, and I am deeply passionate about helping individuals like you uncover and harness their true potential. Over the years, through both triumphs and trials, I have gathered a wealth of knowledge and strategies aimed at breaking through the barriers of self-doubt and limiting beliefs. It is these insights that I am eager to share with you through my latest work, "STOP IT NOW."
Here on this platform, you will find various resources tailored to support your journey. From engaging with the book to joining our vibrant community discussions and tackling monthly challenges, there's an abundance of opportunities for you to grow and evolve.
If you’re ready to make significant changes and start living the life you've always dreamed of, I invite you to explore, engage, and elevate with us. Together, we can unlock the doors to personal fulfillment and success.

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Drawing from my deep well of personal and professional experiences, my new book guides you through a process designed to awaken your true potential by overcoming the hidden barriers of self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

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This book will provide you with the tools to:


Identify and Overcome Personal Triggers

Learn to recognize the moments that set you back and how to effectively manage them.


Transform Inner Dialogue

Shift from self-criticism to a supportive, empowering inner voice that champions your growth.


Create a Vision of Your Future

Develop a clear, compelling future free from past constraints that inspires you to move forward.


Live Intentionally

Implement strategies that foster profound self-awareness and purposeful living, enabling you to enjoy a life filled with peace, joy, and fulfillment.


Join The Affirmation Challenge

Ready to transform your mindset and kickstart a journey toward a more empowered, confident you? Join our Free 30-Day Affirmation Challenge! Inspired by the powerful teachings in "Stop It Now," this challenge is designed to reshape the way you think and feel about yourself—one affirmation at a time.
Here’s how it works: When you sign up, you'll receive a daily email with a carefully crafted affirmation. These aren't just any affirmations—they're motivational, transformative, and based directly on the strategies and insights you'll find within the pages of "Stop It Now." Each day offers a new opportunity to build stronger, more positive neural pathways and set the foundation for lasting personal change. But that’s not all, learn more with the link below.

Elevate In Life With Shiela Little

Join "Elevate in Life with Shiela Little" and gain a supportive community dedicated to genuine growth. Participate in monthly challenges, absorb unique content, and interact directly with me through live Q&A sessions. This space nurtures personal transformation beyond the surface, offering new monthly insights to continuously fuel your progress.

The It Factor Weekly

Discover new dimensions of self-growth with The It Factor Weekly. Each issue brings you a blend of transformative stories, practical techniques, and innovative strategies designed to empower your journey toward overcoming self-doubt and strengthening your mindset.

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"Stop holding yourself back and start achieving your dreams - with our coaching, it's possible!"


What my Clients are saying.

My experience has allowed me to dig deep within myself and allowed me to look at things in
a different light and perspective, she has opened up my consciousness and for that I am grateful...

- Briana

Thank you for every single thing you have and are helping me with! I am truly grateful for your support, compassion, and giving. I would not have been able to and not have done any of the work I've done within myself and much with the business. You're an awesome woman!

- Mariah

Shiela is the absolute best. She is able to bring clarity and cut through the noise in a way that actually resonates and provides helpful direction and suggestions. Highly recommend working with her.

- Client

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