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"Welcome to Shaping Solutions Leadership Training & Development Inc, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting minority women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. We believe everyone should be able to achieve their personal and career goals, regardless of their background or circumstances. Our mission is to provide you with the tools, resources, and solutions you need to overcome obstacles and succeed in your life, business,  and beyond. We are committed to building a more inclusive and diverse business community, one entrepreneur at a time. Thank you for visiting our website, and we look forward to helping you reach your full potential."



Training & Development

Here are some of the results we seek to help our clients produce:

  • Improved work and life balance ​

  • Clarity

  • Peace of mind 

  • Improved health 

  • Improved relationships ​

  • Career success 

  • Living a self-actualized life

  • Effective Leadership Skills

We know how hard it is when your life and business aren’t moving forward the way you want.  Many entrepreneurial-minded women find themselves procrastinating and don’t know why or what’s blocking them from doing what they know they need to do. At Shaping Solutions, you will learn how to stop your unwanted behaviors and start asking for what you want so you have the life your desire and deserve.

You matter! Your life matters!


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Our Mission

Welcome to Shaping Solutions Leadership Training & Development Inc, a non-profit organization committed to supporting minority women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Our mission is to empower women from underserved communities by providing them with business coaching, tools, and resources that help them overcome barriers and achieve their goals.

Through our work, we have helped hundreds of women to launch successful businesses and advance their careers. Our unique approach combines personalized coaching with practical tools and resources tailored to the specific needs of our clients. By equipping women with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, we are helping to foster a more inclusive and diverse business landscape.

As a non-profit organization, we are accountable to our supporters and take our responsibility seriously. We are proud to share our financials with our donors and demonstrate how their contributions are being used to make a difference. Every donation, no matter how small, helps us to continue our mission of supporting women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

We believe that every woman should have the opportunity to achieve her full potential, regardless of her background or circumstances. Non-profit organizations like this one play an important role in supporting underserved communities and promoting social and economic equality. By supporting Shaping Solutions Leadership Training & Development Inc, you are helping to create a more equitable society, one where everyone has a chance to succeed. Thank you for considering a donation to our organization.


  • Meet your business goals

  • Gain clear directions on what you need to do to stop procrastinating

  • Overcome the obstacles that are holding you back

  • Gain purpose and meaning in your life and work

  • Optimize your level of productivity and follow-through

  • Stop hustling and start taking action

Put Yourself First


I believe you are worthy of

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What's holding you back ?

  • Do you have a lack of passion in your life and career?


  • Are you lacking clarity on how to move forward?


  • Have you procrastinated on taking action to achieve your career goals?

  • Are you frustrated by how little you’re earning but don’t know how to make more money?


  • Do you want to stop playing small and start thinking big?


  • Are you tired of feeling stuck, afraid, and underpaid?


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