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Rise Above Self-Doubt
Elevate Your Mindset in Just 30 Days!

Join the STOP IT NOW 
Affirmation Challenge


Dear Future Best-Self,

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by self-doubt and the internal narratives that limit your joy and achievements? You're not alone. I'm Shiela Little, and just like you, I've faced these challenges. That's why I created the FREE "Elevate Me" Affirmation Challenge, to help us step into the light of our fullest potential—one affirmation at a time.


Through my own journey, I discovered that the right words at the right moment can ignite profound changes not just in our thoughts, but in our lives. This challenge is about more than just positive thinking; it's about replacing your old narratives and creating a foundation of self-belief that supports lasting happiness and success.

Join me, and together, let's begin the journey of transforming our minds and lives, one powerful, positive affirmation at a time.

Are You Ready to Break Free?

Do you feel stuck in a cycle of self-doubt and limiting beliefs? Imagine starting each day with a powerful affirmation that motivates you, empowers you, and helps you to believe in your own potential.

Why Most People Fail to Maintain Positive Change

Do you know why most attempts at self-improvement fail? It’s because of three main reasons:



Too much theory, too little action.


Lack of consistency

Sporadic efforts that don’t build lasting habits.


No support system

 Trying to make significant changes alone is tough.

Join our 30-Day Affirmation Challenge and your journey of self-discovery and transformation. Each day, receive a uniquely crafted affirmation straight to your inbox, designed to strengthen your mindset and foster an internal environment of growth and positivity.

It’s NOT just another self-help routine... it’s a pathway to real change.

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Research on affirmations suggests that they can have several potential benefits:


Improving Self-Esteem

Affirmations can help individuals challenge negative self-talk and build a more positive self-image.


Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Affirmations can help alleviate stress and anxiety by focusing on positive thoughts and beliefs.


Enhancing Performance

Some studies indicate that affirmations can improve performance in various tasks by boosting confidence and motivation.


Promoting Healthier Behaviors

Affirmations targeted at health-related goals, such as exercise or healthy eating, can help reinforce positive habits.


Boosting Resilience

Affirmations may increase resilience by fostering a more optimistic outlook and enhancing coping strategies in the face of challenges.

If you’re tired of endlessly searching for personal growth methods that only lead to temporary results, the 'Elevate Me' Affirmation Challenge is not your typical motivational course. This challenge is your accelerated path to a lasting transformation.

Shiela Little

What's Inside the Challenge?

  1. Daily Inspirations: Jumpstart your day with affirmations that reshape your narrative towards optimism.

  2. Guided Reflections: Engage with thoughtful prompts that help integrate affirmations into your daily life in meaningful ways.

  3. Supportive Community: Gain exclusive access to a private online group where fellow participants uplift each other and exchange transformative insights.


It’s NOT for everyone...


This challenge is not for those looking for a magic solution that requires zero effort.

It IS for you if...

  • You’re willing to dedicate a few minutes each day to self-improvement.

  • You believe you can develop the power to transform your life.

  • You’re ready to take action and embrace a journey of personal growth.


By adopting simple yet powerful practice, you can build the habit of mindfulness and positive self-talk, and develop the ability to break free from negative thought patterns. Take control of your life by starting each day with a clear intention to treat yourself with kindness and to recognize your strengths.

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Why Join the Affirmation Challenge?

  1. Redefine Your Self-Image: Learn to overcome the inner critic that says you're not enough.

  2. Build Resilience: Develop a stronger response to life's challenges.

  3. Enhance Well-being: Notice a significant improvement in your mental and emotional health.

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

Don't wait! Sign up for the 30-Day Elevate Me Affirmation Challenge today and start your journey towards a more fulfilled and joyful life. Remember, the only investment is your commitment to self-improvement.

Say Yes to Positive Change

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need each day?

Just a few minutes each morning to read and reflect on your affirmation.

What if I miss a day?

No worries! You can pick up where you left off, but consistency is key to experiencing the full benefits.

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