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​entrepreneur | Speaker | Author | Coach 

Hey there, I'm Shiela Little, Founder & CEO of Shaping Solutions. As a clinical therapist and business psychologist, I help people overcome obstacles in their lives, relationships, careers, and businesses. I know firsthand how hard it can be to feel stuck, overwhelmed, or self-sabotaging without knowing why. That's why I've spent the past 20 years coaching hundreds of clients just like you to heal, gain clarity, and create the forward momentum they desire.

My diverse background has taught me to be flexible, empathetic, and open-minded as I seek to develop strategies and solutions that educate, edify, and empower individuals in their love, interactions, focus, and energy. 

I'm passionate about promoting a growth mindset and creating an atmosphere of success where clients can learn to transform any obstacle into an opportunity.

When you learn to overcome the obstacles holding you back, you can gain new purpose and meaning in your life and get what you are worth. I believe you are worthy and deserve a better life than you have today!


Welcome to my website!

As the Brainchild of Shaping Solutions, my mission is to help individuals and businesses achieve their full potential. With over 20 years of experience in clinical therapy, business psychology, and leadership, I have honed critical skills that empower clients to overcome obstacles, enhance emotional intelligence, and achieve success.

At Shaping Solutions, we believe that developing a growth mindset is essential for achieving success in all areas of life. Through innovative mindset work, we provide clients with the tools and strategies needed to overcome limiting beliefs, cultivate resilience, and achieve their goals.

As a Doctoral candidate in Business Psychology, I am passionate about researching the relationship between emotional intelligence and procrastination. By leveraging my expertise, I provide clients with innovative strategies and solutions to increase productivity, overcome self-sabotaging behaviors, and create forward momentum toward their goals.

As CEO and President of Shaping Solutions, I am responsible for ensuring that the organization provides high-quality, value-added services and programs that represent a strong and positive image to the community and to our donors. I foster a culture of ethical practices, individual integrity, fulfillment, and social responsibility.

With my diverse background, and effective clinical, leadership, and organizational skills, I am committed to developing strategies and solutions that educate, edify, and empower individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential. I look forward to helping you unlock your potential and create a life of purpose and success.
When you heal with me, you will start the journey to see what key areas of your life keep you stuck. Are you ready to shift your mindset and build the skillsets required to start building the life you always imagined but never thought was possible? It’s time to take action! I will hold you accountable so you can start creating a life you will love.

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