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Elevate Her Challenge

Manifest the Life You Want

Join in the 30-Day "Elevate Me" Affirmation Challenge

Change your life one affirmation at a time!

What to Expect...

Joining the 30-Day Affirmation Challenge is an amazing opportunity to take your life to the next level. You'll receive a new affirmation each day that will remind you of how phenomenal you are and give you the motivation to keep going. This challenge will help you focus on positive thinking and self-care, while also providing the support you need to achieve your goals. 


Imagine how great it'll feel when you wake up each morning with a new affirmation that will keep you motivated all day long. As your confidence builds and your ambitions expand, you'll find yourself growing in ways you never thought possible. Now is the perfect time to make a change, so why wait? Join the 30-Day Affirmation Challenge today and experience the power of motivation for yourself!

I know how hard it is when your life and business aren’t moving forward the way you want. Many minority women entrepreneurs find themselves on the hamster wheel by self-sabotaging and procrastinating. The problem is that they don’t know why or what's blocking them from doing what they know they need to do. At Shaping Solutions, you will learn how to STOP IT NOW and start asking for what you want so you get compensated what you deserve. I would love to be your coach to help you become the leading lady in your life!

Shaping Solutions

Are you ready to manifest the life you want? 

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