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Goals and Emotional Intelligence

When people typically talk about goals, they rarely discuss the emotions involved in goal setting. The feelings we live with daily can affect every part of our lives and must be managed accordingly to prevent them from taking over our lives. With emotions, we need to evaluate where we land on the emotional intelligence scale.

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions and handle interpersonal relationships with empathy and maturity. Where we land on this scale will determine our ability to evaluate the need to start goal setting and stay on the journey inherent to accomplishing goals.

Linking emotions and goals can be represented as if you were tasked to climb a mountain. The very thought of it can be overwhelming and trigger a series of emotions ranging from excitement to fear. The journey may seem impossible, but you know others have successfully climbed this mountain, so achieving this goal is realistic.

To help keep you focused, you should envision the deeper purpose of why this goal needs to be accomplished. Why you need to achieve this goal is usually tied to an emotion you wish to feel. Maybe achieving this goal will make you happier. Perhaps this goal will make you feel proud and accomplished. Placing this at the top of the goal mountain serves as a beacon in the night to keep you oriented in the right direction of your goal if you happen to get lost along the way. As you look towards that beacon at the top of your goal mountain, you know there is a significant task ahead of you that will be filled with equal moments of joy, accomplishment, fear, and anxiety. When the desire to achieve happiness and a sense of accomplishment takes control over the fear and anxiety, your journey of goal accomplishment starts.

So, where does emotional intelligence play into this journey? Your emotional intelligence serves as your anchor as you begin to conquer the challenges ahead of you. Like a mountain climber that has to assess a stable anchor point throughout the ascent, you must evaluate yourself when facing overwhelming emotions.

Every time you stop and hold yourself accountable for your own emotions, you increase the potential heights you can climb on the emotional intelligence scale that directly relates to your ability to get closer to your goal. Keeping in mind that every time you raise your emotional intelligence is a goal within itself that should be celebrated!


Having goals is a part of everyone's life, whether you realize it or not. These goal mountains we climb can be small or very large, but they all take the same level of discipline. Use the smaller goals to build muscle memory and discipline to tackle those big goals that will allow you to elevate in life. Strengthen your emotional intelligence along the way to increase your likelihood of success. Pick goals that align with your purpose in life and stick with them even when times get tough because the end is much greater than the journey. Lastly, do not forget to celebrate when you accomplish those goals. Celebrating our accomplishments allows us to give ourselves the credit we deserve but often don’t feel. Embrace that sense of accomplishment and use it to fuel the drive to take on the next goal.

Watch the Elevate in Life Podcast, where Sheila Little and Danielle McArthur discuss the emotional intelligence aspect of goal setting.


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